I usually get a lot of questions about my lifestyle. How can you motivate yourself to exercise every day? Why don’t you drink? What should I eat to lose weight or gain muscle? Funny that people think I know how to live a good life, cause honestly, I have no idea at all. Does anyone? I’m really not an expert, but I workout almost every day now for the past few years, I watch what I eat and drink, and read a lot about a good mindset and how to feel at peace with yourself. It helped me a lot with dealing with insecurities and finding a nice routine and hopefully sharing my research will help you too.

The upcoming blogs will be about lifestyle. Personally I don’t like the word lifestyle cause it’s a marketing word based on consumerism, most of the times it is asking you to do or buy something. The blogs are not going to tell you how to live life, the only one who knows how to live your life is you. If anything, they should help you find what fits you and what not. You can ask me anything, questions about going to the gym or maybe how to stay in shape without going to the gym. Anything that stands in your way with being truly happy. Of course this can also be social problems you’re dealing with. At school, at work, anywhere. At the end of the day we all kind of want the same things, we want to feel good about ourselves. Fact is, you are good, everybody is born good. But growing up society, friends and your family brainwash you with fear. And you listen to them.

We think development is adding good things to ourselves, to a larger, stronger form. But actually development is getting rid of that fear you’re taught to have and going back to your natural form. That’s what the blogs should be for and also… about good food.

So if you have questions, ask me and I will do the research for you! Stay tuned, the blogs are coming!




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